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As of last week, I have now had a 121 with every member of the chapter. So why is this important?

Get your pens ready to write because this week's make more money moment will help you get business and referrals from what initially appears as unlikely sources.

First, you should get about 50% of your referrals from your primary power team since they speak to same target client as you, and quite often need to pull you in to complete a deal.

But that doesn't mean you should ignore the other 50% of potential referrals from the rest of the membership. So here are a couple of ideas to make your 121s with every member a little more productive.

First, make sure you educate your partner on how to recognize opportunities for you by giving them a few trigger phrases that should make them think of you. For example, a couple of my trigger phrases are "I'm starting a new business" or "I can't get in touch with my web developer." When you hear these things, the client is basically telling you to introduce them to me because they need help with their website.

Second, you should discuss the job titles that are often good prospects for you and see if there is any overlap with your 121 partner. If you're both speaking to similar prospects but selling different things, that gives you a chance to help your customer solve a problem, and give a referral at the same time.

For example, I know that George Friedman wants to meet Office Administrators, so when I'm speaking to an Office Administrator, I can listen for any gripes about their copier or office equipment. And when the opportunity arises that should be an easy introduction to George.

To sum it up, by having 121s with everyone in the chapter, you're going to uncover a lot of opportunities that you didn't know existed. The key is training us on how to recognize and act on those opportunities.

If you have any questions, or would like some additional coaching on how to do this effectively, please let me know...Now get out there and make more money!

Do you ever get hired for projects that will also employ other vendors like a wedding or an office renovation?

Get your pens ready to write because this week's make more money moment will help you increase your referral network! Let's take case of a wedding, and DJ Coolhand being hired as the DJ.

The first thing DJ should do after being hired is ...collect a deposit, but you knew that.

The second thing he should do is present his client intake form, with one of the sections being dedicated to collecting the contact information of the other vendors that will be working the wedding like the florist, the caterer, the photographer, and planner.

This does two things. First, it allows him to coordinate with the other vendors to ensure that the event comes off seamlessly.

But second, and more critically, at least for him, is that he can now contact, network and trade referrals with these people on future weddings.

Now, if you connect with these other vendors, the most important thing you need to do is stay in touch with them at least on a monthly basis to make sure you stay top of mind...And don't send them a newsletter, send them a personal email checking in on them and their business.

Finally, if you're connecting with other vendors, why don't you invite them to come join us for breakfast one Wednesday. I think we would all like to meet them too!

If you have any questions, or would like some additional coaching on how to do this effectively, please email me.... Now get out there and make more money!

Over the past few months, we've talked about a lot of things. We've looked at gaps and stops, getting vulnerable, mixing things up, waiting, and not waiting, we've looked at what we need, and what gets in our way.

And all of that is valuable in terms of our lives and our businesses, and maximizing the potential of both.

But there's another key element in the journey we're all taking. While being aware of the road still ahead, it's crucial to sometimes turn around and acknowledge the ground taken. There will always be mountains yet to climb. But today let's pause and appreciate the view.

And the wins!

I'm going to put some people on the spot now. They have no idea this is coming. And I do it with love and respect.

Amy, how long have you been President? Thank you for your leadership and your commitment.

Brittany, how much closed business have we done so far this year? Awesome. Thank you for your light and joy.

Conrad, how many referrals have been passed this year? Take a guess. Great! Thank you for your power and your sense of fun and play.

Simone, thanks for having our backs.

Matt, thanks for being our advocate.

MC, thanks for your care and strength, and for making leadership a team sport.

Thanks Jeff for supporting the education of us, Carey for presenting us, and Steve for always keeping us on track.

And Jamie and those who have supported with tech and AV.

And the rest of us who show up early and stay late, who host at the table and support the venue in various ways.

A special thank you to founding members: Andrew Kahner, Josh Doyle, Cliff Schneider, Jeff Simon, Matt Long, Steve Conyers, and Ryan Smith. Thank you for being the pioneers who set out on Lucky 62's maiden voyage, and for seeing us through to where we are today.

Also, to the heads of the Power Spheres, and to anyone I left out.

Thanks to everybody.

My friends, I have a baby coming in the next few days to a week or so. And don't worry, you'll see me soon. But before I go, I wanted to give us all the gift of appreciating what we've been up to - where we've been, where we are, and where we're headed.

Thanks Jenn Mello for stepping up to the mic next week and sharing your voice. I encourage others to do the same. And if you don't want to actually speak, do share the topics with Jeff and myself that you'd like to hear more about.

This is a special place. And it takes each one of us to create it this way.

So much power and possibility in this room, in the structure, in the accountability, in the relationships.

Partnership, friendship, care, and consideration. All channeled toward commerce and community. Profit and professionalism.

Take a good look around. It's all right here.

Thanks for showing up so consistently for ourselves and each other. And even for the various charitable causes, and events like next week's cruise.

Did you know that interacting with your fellow members at this meeting is only one part of a complete BNI experience?

So let me tell you how I made $80,000 in my first year in BNI by networking with the members at other chapters.

Get your pens ready to write because I'm giving you gold with this week's make more money tip.

First, I visited and scrolled through the rosters of each chapter and then made a note of any profession that was synergistic. In my case, one of those professions is Public Relations.

So I reached out to all of the other PR people in BNI, and invited them to lunch and a 121. Most were receptive, and I've built on those relationships to where we still refer one another many years later.

Next, because I sell websites, I'm also able to sell direct to business owners, so I volunteered to sub at many of the other BNI chapters, and every week that year, I spent Tuesday and Thursday subbing, while spending every Wednesday right here.

Using this one two punch, I connected with synergistic professionals who could refer me, as well as business owners who needed a website.

Now, there are some nuances to doing this effectively that are difficult to convey in a short blog post, but I wanted to give you the big idea for making more money, and then allow you to follow up with me if you want some additional coaching on this.

When we're kids, getting dressed is quite an endeavor. First we put on our shirt - one arm, then the other. Then it's our pants - left leg, then right leg. Then one sock at a time. Then a shoe and another shoe. Forget about accessories - a belt could take forever. Getting dressed is a whole thing. Same with learning to drive. Remember the beginning? First we get in, look for our seat belt. Then find the ignition - put in the key, or now press the button. Put our foot on the brake, then shift, then ease off the brake and apply pressure to the gas pedal. Hands at 10 and two. Hand over hand turns.

But these processes look and feel differently now, right? We just get up and get ready. Or we go somewhere. Without a second thought.

The human mind learns to chunk information so we can engage in greater quantitative and qualitative levels of processes. We can multitask and accomplish way more than just get ourselves dressed and out the door.

But here's the thing, though habitual patterns serve us, there's also a cost. They are automatic. We no longer notice how things happen because they just happen. With getting dressed and driving, this is fine.

But what about building our businesses? My assertion is that we have all worn tread marks into our proverbial carpets so deep that sometimes they feel like a rut. Don't feel bad. I've got good news. First, this is super normal - it's what we humans do. All of us. Second, there's a solution.

Mix it up! Do something different. Get uncomfortable. You've always done things a certain way? Great. But if we do what we've done we're gonna get what we've got. We all know what reasonable results look like. The game I invite us to play, is to shoot for unreasonable results. The kind of results that would blow your mind and put a spring in your step. And unreasonable results require unreasonable action.

Get out of your comfort zone. Because that's where possibility lives.

Imagine brushing your teeth with your opposite hand. It's going to be awkward and clumsy at first but research has shown that in brain scans it lights up entirely different areas of the brain.

I'm not actually suggesting that you change your habits of oral hygiene. But I am suggesting that you try something different in your business development.

Again, get out of your comfort zone. You can start by sitting somewhere different in this room. Or creating a 121 with someone that has nothing to do with your business. Invite someone new here to be your guest. Start a conversation in a forum where it wouldn't have typically occurred to you to talk about your business.

Whatever it is, if it scares you a little bit it may just be a sign that you're on the right track.

So have some fun, and mix it up.

When we're young, we learn about the dangers of fire. Maybe it was a firefighter that came to give a presentation at your elementary school, or a VHS they popped into a player - yeah, remember those.

You were taught about feeling the door before opening it, and getting down to the ground to crawl to safety. We're taught about stop, drop, and roll. And then there's the thing that they call the silent killer - carbon monoxide. It's the reason we all have detectors in our homes. It's absolutely lethal. And yet without those machines, we can't hear it, we can't see it, we can't smell it.

The flames are obvious, hot, powerful. But more people are actually taken down by that subtle, invisible, odorless gas.

I'm hear to tell you that there is another silent killer that affects our lives. It will steal your power, your future, and your potential.


Think about it. We wait until we have enough, we wait until something changes, we tell ourselves that first the conditions need to be perfect and then we'll act. I'm here to tell you that waiting is a killer of possibility.

The time to act is now. What's that action you keep procrastinating on? Who's that person you keep telling yourself you'll reach out to?

You want to know when the conditions are perfect? Right now.

I want you to take ten seconds, right now. Turn over your roster, and write the first action or person that comes to mind. The thing that you already know will have a positive impact on your business, or another area of your life, and you're simply waiting to do it. Go ahead. I'll count for you.

Great, thanks for the willingness and courage to face it, and let it out.

The next step is to actually take the action. We don't have the time RIGHT now. But my invitation is that you give it a short leash. The longer you wait, the easier it will be to kick the can again.

If you can move it forward, even one step, by end of day today, go for it. Maybe it can show up in your commercial. Maybe you can leverage inviting that person as a guest here next week.

Whatever it is, action is your friend. None of us will ever be younger than we are today.

So don't wait. Say it, write it, create it, do it.

It's amazing! We're on the cusp of July. Kids are out of school, and some are going to camp. BBQ's are showing up on our calendars, Tuesday will bring fireworks, and some offices will institute summer Friday's. It's a good time to be alive. But what about business? Sometimes amidst the relaxation and the heat, some of us may experience a Summer sloooooow down.

But it doesn't have to go that way.

Whether we're sitting around a conference table, a pool, or a campfire, connection can happen that can lead to closed business. Whether you're wearing a business suit or a swim suit, people have needs and those needs NEED to be met. And they're willing to spend the money for the goods and services to ensure that happens.

Consider that it's less a matter of cost, and more a matter of value. Less about sales, and more about connection and finding the pieces that fill gaps.

So here are some things to keep in mind as we enter and move through this hot, social, and potentially business filled season.

People consume what they believe in - what they believe will support their goals. And their belief, starts with ours. You can't powerfully recommend an Italian Restaurant that you haven't eaten at, or one you don't think is great. But if you have, and you do, it's as easy as sharing what you've discovered and why they might like it.

People connect when their guard is down. Walking through the city streets, we're conditioned to lead with "no." No to the brochure for the Empire State Building, the request to sign the latest petition, the offer for the free whatever. But sitting on a lounge chair in someone's back yard, with a cold drink in hand, when you've both made it through the filter of being invited - in other words you're ok and they're ok - people are open. And finding common ground is easy.

Most people love to talk about themselves. We're conditioned to not hog the microphone, because we're taught that it's rude. But allowing the other person plenty of airtime to share about themselves is a great way to make a good impression. Less is more. Remember the 70/30 rule. Listen 70% of the time and talk for 30. It postures you well and creates a strong impression.

You have to actually express yourself out loud. Nobody is a mind reader. Or as my late Grandpa Henry liked to say, "The squeaky wheel gets the grease." So perhaps don't have your business be the first topic you discuss - unless of course it's asked about or makes sense for other reasons. But do make sure once a foundation is established that at some point it enters the conversation. Don't make the mistake of realizing on the ride home that the person you were having fun with could have made a solid business lead.

Maybe at the party isn't the right time to talk shop. They're busy multitasking: eating ribs, keeping an eye on the kids, and playing beer pong. Just establish the connection and make sure to get contact info so you can follow up when you're back in the office.

Creating business connections does take some doing, some action. But it's all about the being. People remember how we make them feel. And they're drawn to those who are easy going, have a sense of humor, and appear to enjoy living their lives. So as you roll into the coming holiday, keep in mind that the more enjoyment you're experiencing, the easier it will be to bring your best, to create connection, and to ultimately generate business.

We're saying "yes" too often.


It's time to learn " THE POSITIVE POWER OF "NO!"

Experts say the ability to communicate 'NO' really reflects that you're in the driver's seat of your own life; it gives you a sense of empowerment."

There are different ways to say no...

Check this out 'Luckies...

One technique is the "Refusal Strategy".

Studies have found that saying "I don't" as opposed to "I can't" allows you to extract yourself from an unwanted commitment.

"I don't" implies you've established certain rules for yourself, suggesting conviction and stability.

And since it's personal, it also maintains the social connection humans crave.

Here at BNI we're wired to say "Yes"— but don't give a knee-jerk 'YES' when it's more appropriate to say "no" to a misplaced referral request or commitment you can't really can't make.

Practice being more aggressive when the stakes are low.

For example, when a cashier asks you to sign up for a store credit card you don't want, try saying "I don't use store credit cards" instead of a mealy "I'm sorry..not today, but thank you,"

It's a lot easier to be assertive with a stranger than it is when, say, your pleading co-worker asks for a ride to the airport. So, get comfortable with your assertiveness when it's easy so you'll be prepared when there's more pressure.

'Come up with a few anchor phrases for different situations

"No, I don't go out during the week" for co-workers who want to go on a drinking binge on a Monday night.

When you have these phrases ready, you don't have to waste time wavering over an excuse.

We're not talking about being impolite...we're celebrating clarity and empowerment.

Now, would you like for me to come back next week and explain it all again?

As we all know, new members have to go to MSP within their first 60 days, and you can also go to erase an absence.

But did you also know that you can go there to make more money?

So how do you do that?

First, make sure you bring a pen and paper to that meeting, and get ready to write.

Similar to this meeting, at that meeting, they go around and everyone introduces themselves.

You should be listening very closely for the professions that are synergistic or that have the potential to refer you, and then make a note of those people.

After the meeting, connect with them before they go and invite them to have a 121 with you.

Diego did this at a recent MSP and he connected with an interior designer who has already referred him business, and will probably continue to do so for years to come.

So make the most of your time at MSP and connect with those synergistic professionals and you'll make more money!

A little over a year ago, I walked into BNI Lucky Chapter 62 for the first time. I connected with Conrad - the guy who, at that time, I only knew from the email that responded to my request to visit the Chapter. I had some breakfast, sat down, and made some small talk with a few members and guests.

And then Amy got up to start the meeting and I immediately noticed the way she powerfully held herself, and the room. And then one by one my now fellow luckys got up and delivered their commercials. The caliber of the people was so clear to me. I was immediately impressed. I believed that I could trust pretty much everyone who spoke. And that's the key, isn't it? We can only make referrals to those whom we trust.

There was greatness in this room then. And there IS greatness in this room now. You can feel it, right? And when we look around we can see it too.

I just came off of a full weekend of training - training a team of coaches, and always continuing my education to be a better coach. During one of the morning sessions, one of the Senior leaders of my team asked us an interesting question.

"What do you do with your greatness?"

A powerful conversation followed as we all took a look for ourselves and shared what we saw.

Ultimately we all had variations of hiding or playing small. And these are incredible people - remarkable coaches and leaders.

My assertion is that if you're willing, you can take a look and perhaps you'll see where you might be playing small. Maybe it looks like deflecting a compliment - instead of fully owning it. Or maybe it's declaring goals that are safe and unworthy of you. Maybe it's stopping or checking out after a loss, or even a big win. Sometimes wins are more confronting than losses.

We all have flavors of it. So today, ask yourself, "Where am I playing small?"

And when you find it, don't simply rush to fix it. Sit with it, get to know it. Be kind to yourself. Get present to what you really want to create. And simply take an action to move that part of life forward.

We all play small sometimes. It's safe, less scary, and it's inside our comfort zones.

But we don't have to. We can create whatever we want.

We deserve it. We're great. Really great. And if you look to your left and to your right, you'll see that it's not just within us, it's all around us.

So pass a referral. Ask for one. Invite a guest.

Give and gain. See what you want to create, and create it.