About Us

I belong to many networking groups. What makes you different? 

Simple: the structure. We aren't just a gathering of disparate professionals. It’s a setting that requires—and tracks—your commitment and investment. It turns your input into a game.  

Play the game well, and our statistics illustrate that you’ll do well, too. You’ll generate income for your business; you’ll gain recognition within the chapter; you’ll receive referrals positioned to expand and grow—gradually but exponentially.

Play the game poorly, and you’re failing to take advantage of our simple, proven philosophy: “Givers Gain.” Givers gain isn’t confined to karma: it’s a unique work ethic…and it works. In 2017, Lucky 62 passed over $7.6M in business to one another. 

Is there anything else I should know about your group?

Absolutely! We offer a built-in shield from competition. We admit only one person from each professional specialty. Therefore, we have only one web designer, one title insurance specialist, one life insurance expert, one financial advisor, one mortgage broker, one copywriter, and so forth. Competing visitors may still attend, but they may not deliver a commercial about a specialty that is already covered by a member.

What makes your group different? 

None of us at Lucky 62 signed up to snooze our way through our weekly meetings. We all made a serious commitment—but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun, too. Lots of it.

So: Lucky 62 enforces a disciplined structure with an acute, active sense of fun. And we firmly believe that it’s led to our success.

Case in point: We attract easily 15-20 visitors each week. Not only do these visitors—intriguing professionals just like you—inject their own new energy into the room, they are bound to marvel at—and comment on—“our energy.” 

Prior to coming downstairs, you’ll hear us talking, mingling, and laughing. The meeting itself will be marked with personality. It might be speckled with jokes, even shouting (in a good way).

You’ll sense a real affection, powerful goodwill, and a commitment to one another that’s akin to family.

Come visit! You can see for yourself…